Councilmember Jack Tibbetts

Councilmember Jack Tibbetts was elected to Santa Rosa City Council because of his track record solving problems around our city. Over the years, Jack has proven he can build consensus around important local projects. He garnered a reputation for working across ideological lines to find practical, innovative solutions.

Jack is currently the Executive Director for Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Sonoma County. Additionally, he serves our community on these boards and commissions:

- Board Member, Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities
- Board Member, Sonoma County Public Library Foundation
- Advisory Board Member, Children’s Humanitarian International
- Advisory Board Member, Roseland University Prep High School
- Board Member, Pediatric Surgery Initiative (PDI Surgery Center)
- Committee Chair, Roseland Cup Organizing Committee
- Coalition Member, Parks Now 

As our city councilmember, Jack will continue to get things done for Santa Rosa. 

Dedicated to Serving Santa Rosa

Jack’s local roots run deep. He was born at the old Sutter Hospital on Chanate Road and attended Saint Eugene’s and Montgomery High School. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he returned to Santa Rosa. Driven by his passion for public service and our city, Jack now devotes his time to solving real problems locally: 

When the Roseland community called for a public library, Jack coordinated across multiple county agencies and led an effort to raise the funds needed.

When our city faced tension between law enforcement officers and local youth, Jack overcame bureaucratic obstacles and organized the Roseland Cup Soccer Tournament, a now-annual soccer match that brings our community together.

When Winter rolls around, and many who suffer from homelessness are left without shelter, Jack’s charity Warm for the Holidays works in partnership with local businesses to provide thousands of coats and sleeping bags for those who need them. 

Innovative Solutions

Jack is a problem solver who channels his energy to work through the most difficult issues facing Santa Rosa:

More Renewable Energy – As a Director at California Clean Power, Jack worked with cities across California, using innovative solutions to increase use of renewable power and give local communities control over their energy generation.

Supporting Local Business, Expanding the Middle Class – Prior to working for California Clean Power, Jack worked for the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, where he coordinated programs and crafted policy that supports the development of small businesses among low-to-moderate income earners, reducing income inequality in Sonoma County.

Tackling Homelessness – In addition to working as the Executive Director for Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Sonoma County, Jack is coordinating with Sonoma County to promote the creation of more homeless housing by utilizing tiny homes and unused government facilities, a ground-breaking new idea that will provide single unit housing for our most vulnerable neighbors.

As our City Councilmember, Jack is bringing this same energy, hard work, and creative thinking to the table.

Moving Our City Forward

Councilmember Jack Tibbetts understands that Santa Rosa must adapt to change, while still preserving the character that makes our city so special. He knows that if we act now, we can define the Santa Rosa that we want, rather than letting unaffordable housing costs and the recent fires define us. Jack is working every day to: 

Expand housing optionstoday—for all residents, ensuring that growth is focused in our downtown areas and at our SMART rail stations, while continuing to preserve open space.

Modernize our dilapidated infrastructure by investing in our underfunded roads.

Combat climate change by encouraging and expanding local solar generation and electric vehicle purchases. 

Santa Rosa can be a model for widespread opportunity and sustainability, and Councilmember Jack Tibbetts is working every day to get us there.


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