Elected and Appointed Officials 

United States Congressman Mike Thompson
State Senator Mike McGuire
State Senator Noreen Evans (Emeritus)
State Assemblymember Bill Dodd
State Assemblymember Marc Levine
State Assemblymember Jim Wood
State Assemblymember Valerie Brown (Emeritus)
Sonoma County District Attorney Mike Mullins (Emeritus)
Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas
Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore
Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin
Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt
Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane
Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo
Sonoma County Supervisor Ernie Carpenter (Emeritus)
Sonoma County Supervisor Tim Smith (Emeritus)
Sonoma County Board of Education Member Herman Hernandez Jr.
Sonoma County Board of Education Member Andrew Leonard
Sonoma County Board of Education Member Lisa Wittke Schaffner
Sonoma County Planning Commissioner Paula Cook
Sonoma County Planning Commissioner Willie Lamberson
Sonoma County Planning Commissioner Komron Shahhosseini
Sonoma County Human Rights Chairman J. Kevin Jones
Sonoma County Human Rights Commissioner Alana Bjorkquist
Sonoma County Human Rights Commissioner Steve Carroll
Sonoma County Human Rights Commissioner Elaine B. Holtz
Sonoma County Fair Board Member Tony Geraldi
Santa Rosa City Mayor Jane Bender (Emeritus)
Santa Rosa City Mayor Janet Condron (Emeritus)
Santa Rosa City Mayor Sharon Wright (Emeritus)
Santa Rosa City Councilmember Lee Pierce (Emeritus)
Santa Rosa City Councilmember Steve Rabinowitsh (Emeritus)
Santa Rosa City Councilmember Gary Wysocky
Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities Chairman Dan Galvin
Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities Chairman Stephen Gale (Emeritus)
Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities Member Dick Dowd
Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities Vice Chair Megan Kaun
Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities Member and WCYD President Mary Watts
Santa Rosa Junior College Board President Don Edgar
Santa Rosa Junior College Board Trustee Jordan Burns
Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education President Donna Jeye
Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education Member Jenni Klose
Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education Member Dan Condron (Emeritus)
Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education Member Jere Jacobs (Emeritus)
Bennett Valley Unified School District Trustee Steven Sharpe
Santa Rosa Planning Commissioner Shirleen DeRezendes (Emeritus)
Measure O Oversight Committee Member Ramon F. Meraz
Santa Rosa Community Advisory Board Member Paco Cano
Santa Rosa Community Advisory Board Member Jennielynn Holmes
Marin County Supervisor Damon Connolly
Cotati Councilmember John Dell'Osso
Sebastopol Mayor Robert Jacob
Sebastopol Mayor Craig Litwin (Emeritus)
Windsor Councilmember Debora Fudge
Windsor School Board Member and Local Prosecutor Esther Lemus

Community Leaders 

Akash Kalia, Palms Inn Social Entrepreneur
Anne Seeley, Community Leader
Betty Ferris, My Inspiring Sixth Grade Teacher
Bob Anderson, Community Leader
Brad Quince, Community Leader
Bruce Kunkel, Musician & Environmental Advocate
Chris Lehman, Renewable Energy Advocate
Connie Codding, Community Leader
Dee Swanhuyser, Greenbelt Alliance Board Member
DeeDee Bridges, Homeless Advocate
Dory Magasis Escobar, Community Organizer
George Ferris, Community Leader
George Moskoff, Local Entrepreneur
Glenn Smith, Local Attorney and Legal Advocate
Guy Conner, Environmental Advocate
Hanya Popova Parker, Artist & Community Leader
Heather Chown Brandeburg, Community Leader
Jason Carter, Community Leader & Education Advocate
Jenny Bard, Community Leader
Jeremy Olsan, Community Leader
Jesus Guzman, Community Leader and Immigrant Rights Advocate
John Moran, Community Leader
Jim Olmstead, Olmstead & Associates
Joe O'Connell, Santa Rosa for Bernie
John F. Bribiescas, Retired Teacher & Board Chairman of Schools Plus
Jonathan Kathrein, Renewable Energy Advocate
John Lowry, Affordable Housing Consultant
John Ryan Johnson, Photographer
Judy Erickson, Community Leader
Kim & Clay Clement, Local Attorneys
Kanchan Charan, Community Leader
Lannie Medina, Community Leader
Laurie Lynn Hogan, Community Leader and Health Advocate
Les Perry, Environmental Attorney
Liz Mullins, Community Leader
Logan Pitts, Wine Country Young Democrats President (Emeritus)
Maureen Middlebrook, Community Leader
Malinalli Ramos Lopez, Community Leader
Mark Krug, Affordable Housing Consultant
Maria de Los Angeles, Artist & Community Leader
Maria Peluso, Labor Advocate
Melanie Bagby, Community Leader
Michael F. Adler, Nonprofit Affordable Housing Developer
Michael Hyman, Local Businessman
Michael Nicholls, Community Leader
Michael Miller, Community Leader
Michele & Barry Weitzenberg, Community Leaders
Mousa Abbasi, Local Business Owner
Mitch Stogner, Community Leader
Nicole Ours, Fine Artist
Pam Chanter, Community Leader
Pat Kuta, Community Leader
Patricia Gray, Community Leader
Richard "Dick" Caletti, Community Leader
Rick Theis, Environmental Advocate
Rolf Nelson, Community Leader
Ross Stromberg, Local Attorney and Healthcare Advocate
Ruben Mora Roman, Community Leader
Sandy Reynolds, Santa Rosa Democratic Club President
Sonu S. Chandi, Business Leader & Entrepreneur
Susan Moore, Community Leader
Tara Jasper, Community Leader
Tony Crabb, Sonoma County CTE Foundation
Tito Sasaki, Sonoma County Farm Bureau
Tom Mason, Attorney
Viveka Rydell, PDI Surgery Center
Wanda Tapia, Community Leader


Engineering Contractors Association (ECA)
Coalition For A Better Sonoma County
Concerned Citizens of Santa Rosa
International Association of Firefighters Local 1401
National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 183
North Bay Labor Council
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
Santa Rosa City Employees Association
Santa Rosa Police Officer's Association
Sierra Club
Sonoma County Alliance
Sonoma County Conservation Action
Teamsters Local #856
Partial list

Committee to Elect Jack Tibbetts

Calum Weeks, Wine Country Young Democrats Vice President
Cheryl Diehm, Retired Senior District Representative for the Office of Congressman Mike Thompson
Daniel Hunt, Community Leader
Jere Jacobs, Community Leader
Jesus Guzman, Graton Day Labor Center
John H. Bosco, Community Leader
Jordan Burns, Santa Rosa Junior College Trustee 
Logan Pitts, Wine Country Young Democrats Founding President
Marcos Suarez, Community Leader
Mary Watts, Wine Country Young Democrats President
Paco Cano, Community Advisory Board Member
Peter Rumble, California Clean Power CEO & Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy Board Chairman 


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