4 Weeks

This is it, friends. The November 8th election is only 4 weeks away, but most voters will be deciding who they want to elect long before then. In fact, most vote-by-mail ballots will be cast by the end of October. That is why the most important time to go door-to-door will be over the course of the next two weeks!

In that spirit, we are going to be holding our largest walking event of the election this Sunday, October 16th, and we are hoping to blanket the city with over 30 canvassers to help get the word out about the election and our campaign! We will all be meeting at my house, 1882 Knolls Dr., at 11:30 am to gather, eat brunch prepared by Bob Wishard, and to learn the ropes of going door-to-door from our friend and ally, Logan Pitts, who is a veteran on the campaign trail. 

Will you take a moment to sign-up for our volunteer team here?

For those of you who have walked with us before, thank you so much! Your commitment has been incredible, and I am forever in your debt. For those of you who have wanted to help the campaign, but haven't found the time due to your busy schedule, now is the time! Will you give up two hours this Sunday to help us secure a win in November?

I cannot do this without you. I need you now more than ever! Click here to sign up.

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